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Really Big News! We now have 12.5' & 13.3' Tire Tanks made from brand new factory-reject tires!

We sell them direct by the truckload, 9 to a load. Prices are dependent on trucking, but generally start around $800 each and go up to $1300 or more, including delivery. A few dealers have them if you want less than truckload.
If you are interested in truckloads of 9, call us direct at 800-365-5850.

If you don't mind truckloads of used tires, we have a good supply of 10'-13', and we can fit more on a truck.

For smaller tanks in smaller quantities, reach out to the dealers nearest you.

Tire Water Tanks

Three types of Best Tire Tanks

2012-10-05 12.17.56.jpg

The Classic Tire Tank is an open-top mining tire that comes with the bottom bead (or hub) open as well. It is usually placed over the inlet pipe and optional overflow pipe, then sealed by the customer using QuickCrete. This is easy to do, if you follow instructions. 


  • Indestructible

  • Very affordable

  • Naturally insulated against cold and heat

Classic Tire Tanks come in many sizes from 250-13

00+ gallons. They are available from our dealers, or directly from Best Livestock for truckload deals, or if no dealer is nearby.

They are cost-share approved in the vast majority of the country.



all-season tank.jpg

The All-Season Tire Tank is like the Classic, except it comes with the bottom pre-sealed with plate steel coated with potable-water safe marine paint. In addition, there is a "heat riser" that is designed to place over a vertical earth tube or tile to bring passive geothermal heat to the tank bottom and to radiate directly in the water from the riser. The riser is plugged with an insulated cap. There is a 2" pipe nipple on the riser for use as a drain or overflow pipe, and a 3/4" pipe nipple for your water line. A Premium Best Float Valve kit is included, along with a MicroSweeper Ice Preventer, which is a mechanical thermocouple bleeder valve.

​Sizes: 300, 500, 750 gallons


  • Much harder to freeze than the Classic

  • Comes pre-sealed



portable tank.jpg

The Portable Tire Tank comes with the bottom pre-sealed with plate steel coated with potable-water safe marine paint. There are integrated lifting points for easy moving.  There is a drain in the bottom with an expansion plug for easy draining and cleaning.

We mount a Premium Best Float Valve Kit with Tire Tank Mount Kit to the side of the tank for automatic filling from a garden hose.

​Sizes: 250, 300, 500 gallons


  • Comes pre-sealed

  • Can easily be moved for rotational grazing, leased pasture, etc.



longhorn and tank.jpg
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