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Tire Water Tanks

Three types of Best Tire Tanks

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Classic Tire Tank

The Classic Tire Tank is an open-top mining tire that comes with the bottom bead (or hub) open as well. It is usually placed over the inlet pipe and optional overflow pipe, then sealed by the customer using QuickCrete. This is easy to do, if you follow instructions. 


  • Indestructible

  • Very affordable

  • Naturally insulated against cold and heat

Classic Tire Tanks come in many sizes from 250-1200+ gallons. They are available from our dealers, or directly from Best Livestock for truckload deals, or if no dealer is nearby.

They are cost-share approved in the vast majority of the country.



all-season tank.jpg

All-Season Tank

The All-Season Tank is like the Classic, except it comes with the bottom pre-sealed with 1/4" plate. In addition, there is a "heat riser" that is designed to place over a vertical tube or tile to bring passive geothermal heat to the tank bottom and to radiate directly in the water from the riser. The riser is plugged with an insulated cap.

There is a 3/4" pipe nipple on both sides of the heat riser. Your water line is connected on the inside, and the float valve on the outside. We recommend Best Float Valves with MicroSweeper Ice Preventers sold at our sister site


  • Much harder to freeze than the Classic

  • Comes pre-sealed

  • Can easily be made portable for rotational grazing, leased land... Ask about this option.



winter tank.jpg

Best Winter Tank

The Best Winter Tank is the ultimate cold-weather stock tank. They have been used successfully in brutal Dakota winters for many years. Instead of cutting the entire top open, 1-4 drinker holes are cut, as shown in the picture above. The sides and the back of the drinker hole are lined with heavy belting to prevent wind from penetrating the tank. The top bead hole is covered by a heavy rubber flap.

The bottom is pre-sealed with 1/4" plate with an integrated heat riser like the All-Season Tank, for passive geothermal heat.

Once again, the final line of defense against freezing are the Best Float Valves with MicroSweeper Ice Preventers

sold at our sister site


  • Ultimate freeze protection

  • Pre-sealed

  • Cheaper, better insulated, more capacity, and easier to install than any insulated ball-type waterer



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