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Best HaySaver Feeder

Here is a feeder that can’t be beat! 
Made of 13 & 14 gauge, 2” galvanized tube with a corrosion-proof mining tire base. Not only will it last much longer than other feeders, the Best HaySaver will cut waste by  30%-50%! 

It pays for itself in as little as one year, and is built to last 30 years!

●    Notched and welded in one piece, our feeder is much stronger than bolt-together feeders and those with chain baskets.

●    Galvanized inside and out, the tubes are vented to prevent corrosion and splitting from ice.

●    Animals won't move this feeder! It stays where you put it.​

●    Seven models to choose from

A note about price: Our HaySavers cost a lot more than a traditional bale ring you buy at a chain store. They also are built exponentially better, using thicker steel and better fabrication. Our feeders will outlast a typical bale feeder around ten times over. When compared to other premium feeders, we tend to be very competitive in price. We encourage you to use the "HaySaver Savings Calculator" at the bottom of this page to get a pretty accurate picture of the money you will save over time using the Best HaySaver. The calculator is based on real-world reports from customers, not theory. 


Suggested retail price is just that, a suggestion. Whether you are buying from a dealer or direct delivery, there is $75-$300 in freight per unit, depending on distance and number delivered. How a dealer passes that on is up to them. In addition, we are experiencing unprecedented volatility in steel pricing, so prices are subject to change quickly. The prices listed below are not guaranteed to be current, however we are very cautious and slow to raise prices. When you see how well the Best HaySaver is built, and how much hay you save, we think you'll agree with many of our customers who say, "I can't afford not to use them!"

haysaver large.jpg

Large HaySaver

  • Great for adults and pairs

  • 8' diameter, fits any size round and big square bales

  • Keeps hay higher in the cone, will save more hay than the XL

  • Eighteen 16" windows

  • ~20" base height

MSRP: $1,700

Average weight: 1800 lbs

haysaver xl.jpg

XL HaySaver

  • Designed for hay to be more accessible for yearlings and smaller stock. Works for all cattle.

  • Best model for 300#-600# weaned calves

  • Keeps hay lower in cone (more accessible), but will save less hay than the Large

  • 8.5' diameter, fits all round bales and big square bales

  • Eighteen 16" windows

  • ~20" tire base

MSRP: $1,750

Average weight: 1800 lbs

haysaver equine.jpg

Equine HaySaver

  • Straight pipes, plus tall enough to not rub manes.

  • Works great for draft horses, too!

  • Many equine customers report 40%+ hay savings

  • 8' diameter, fits all round and big square bales

  • Eighteen 16" windows

  • ~29" base height

MSRP: $1750

Average weight: 2000 lbs

goat 1.jpg

Goat/Sheep HaySaver

  • Great for goats, sheep, calves, llamas, alpacas, etc.

  • 6.5' diameter, fits 5' or smaller round bales, and any size big square bales

  • ~13" tire base, with a ledge for front feet


MSRP: $1,250

sm2 cattle 1.jpg

Small Square Bale HaySaver

  • Models for Cattle and Horses

  • 5.5' or 5" diameter

  • Twelve windows

  • ~20" base for cattle (shown)

  • ~30" base for horses


MSRP: $1100


Bull / Buffalo HaySaver

  • Great for bulls and bison

  • All 13-gauge steel construction

  • An extra two brackets to withstand shoving.

  • 8.5' diameter, fits all round and big square bales

  • Twelve 24" wide windows

  • ~24" base height


MSRP: $1,800

Average weight: 2200 lbs

"We've tried every feeder out there, and even built our own. I've never used a better-built feeder that saves as much hay as a Best HaySaver."                           Mark C., Stockdale, TX

I know exactly how much hay my pens of heifers eat. When I switched to the Best HaySaver, I could immediately see I was saving at least 30% of my hay. I can't afford not to use them!

Cynthia O., Fulton, MO

How much will you save?

Change the variables to reflect your current feeders and hay consumption. Savings are based on comparing a traditional bale ring to the Best Haysaver cost at a lifespan of 30 years and hay savings of 33%, which is the minimum savings realized by our customers in real-world use, not some pie-in-the-sky estimate.

For more information, send us your contact info:

Thanks for your interest!

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