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Best Float Valves
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Best Float Valve is a product that lives up to its name! If you are tired of valves made of plastic and string, or brass arms that break off, or diaphragms that clog … Look no further!!!
Best Float Valves are the simplest, most durable valves we have ever used. Our customers agree. 
They are full-flow, work from 2-150 psi, and can be mounted vertically, horizontally and even upside-down!
The standard valve is made of solid galvanized steel with a brass seat. It comes with a durable aluminum float on a zinc-plated chain. Pipe fitting sizes available are     ¾”, 1”, 1¼” and 1½”. 
Available options:
●    Hi Volume/Lo Pressure Valves 
●    Dairy compliant Air Gap Valves
●    Stainless steel valve seat & float chain
●    Entirely stainless valve 
●    Bleeder valves to help prevent ice (manual and automatic)

Many of our dealers keep Best Float Valves in stock, so please support your local small business.

If you have no dealer near you, or prefer to order online, please visit our partner site at

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