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Rip-Rap, Field Drag, Wind Break, Shooting Backstop, Boat Dock Bumpers,
Hay Bale Floor, Bunker Cover Weights, Piling Bumpers, Road Base, 
Sound Barrier, Defensive Barrier, River Lock Bumpers

These are a few uses for giant tire sidewalls from mining tires. Our sidewalls are generally from 4'-6' in diameter and weigh 200-400 pounds each, although we have bigger ones, too. The "bead hole" in the middle ranges from 25"-49", with some bigger.They are incredibly durable. The sun won't dry-rot them, at least for a couple hundred years.

If one of the uses listed above gets your attention, or if you have another idea, we would love to repurpose them. Come pick a few up to experiment. We can deliver as well. Just give us a call at 800-365-5850.

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